About Me

Hi, I'm Jourdan.  A 36 year old (when did that happen?!), native New Yorker working and living in New Jersey.  I am a (fantastic, if I do say so myself) girlfriend and a mommy to 2 delicious, furry sons: Jonas and Rigby.

I could tell you that I dance but don't sing, snort when I laugh, have a soft spot for most anything 80's, have an insatiable appetite for Glee, have had a crush on Harrison Ford since I saw The Empire Strikes Back when I was 5, and am passionate about many things: music (love most of it), travel (never can seem to do enough of it), wine (I don't trust people who don't drink it) but none of that is really important.  Truth is, it's not about me...it's about the food. So on that note, I: am addicted to the Food Network, have this unquenchable desire to be Alex Guarnaschelli's best friend, watch Travel Channel just as much for the food shows as the travel shows and am this close to picketing outside of the local Cablevision office because they don't offer Cooking Channel (and just when I discovered Chuck Hughes *sigh*).  While good food is always preferable, I really am passionate about food in general.  And honestly, could "good" be more of a subjective qualifier anyway?

So welcome, foodies and non-foodies alike, I'm glad you're here. Grab a glass of wine (or beverage of choice), get comfy and have a taste of my world.  It's far from perfect and sometimes feels like it's about to hit its boiling point, but at least I've got a handle on the food!